Snow Moving Out, Cold moving in

Most warnings and advisories will be ending by 5 pm this evening, with colder air moving in.

Blowing Snow and Snow accumulations are still occurring, but are now on the downward trend as we approach the lunch hour. Breezy conditions will continue into the evening hours, but with accumulating snow ending. Snow crews should have a chance to clear roads this afternoon before New Years Eve, be sure to give yourself a little extra time as roads will still be snow covered in some spots. BUNDLE UP as well, very chilly temperatures. I have outlined the current and forecasted situation below.

Blizzard Warning will be ending by 11 am today, with all other advisories and warnings ending by 5 pm this evening

Portions of I-90 are closed West of Gillette Wyoming, but otherwise remain open. Conditions will steadily improve as we get further into the day, but keep in mind Warnings and advisories do continue until 5 pm. Blizzard warning will be expiring at 11 am today for Rapid City and the surrounding foothills.

South Dakota Department of Transportation – Safe Travel USA

Red and Black indicate “No travel Advisory”, while pink and white indicate Snow covered roads. Road conditions have improved in the Southern and Central Black Hills since this morning and should continue to do so as the afternoon wears on. You will still want to use abundant caution, as areas of I-90 are still in the “no travel advisory” zone. Northeastern South Dakota road conditions are expected to deteriorate and have been placed on the “no travel advisory” list.

Radar coverage expected for 2 pm this afternoon.

Still some snow showers lingering in our area towards the 2 pm hour, but much less coverage. Should give crews a chance to plow roadways in anticipation of this evening.

Make sure to give yourself and extra 10-15 minutes to get to your destination, as some roads will still be tricky. For the most part, things will clear up and be much cooler. Be sure to bring very warm clothing and have a safe, happy New Years Eve!

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