Snow Fighters Roadeo

Snow plow drivers with the South Dakota Department of Transportation get used to being back in their trucks as winter weather approaches.

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Snow plow drivers from across the state are gathering this week at the Central State Fairgrounds to participate in the Department of Transportation’s “Snow Fighters Roadeo.”

About 80 drivers from the Rapid City region competed Wednesday, and 80 more drivers from Pierre will compete on Thursday.

Drivers maneuver through an obstacle course without hitting any of the cones or barriers. If they do, then they lose points. This is not a pass or fail course, but it’s a chance for drivers to get refreshed in the skills they need to successfully and safely plow our roads and highways here before winter weather arrives.

Mike Carlson with the Department of Transportation says this is done every other year. He says this is their way of preparing them for the severe conditions they may face.

“On the off years of the competition, we get everyone together to discuss best practices, what’s going on for the next winter, and what the outlook for the weather looks like so that we’re prepared in that way as well.”

There will be one champion at the end of the competition. The top five drivers will go to the state-wide competition next week.

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