Small businesses try to ease customer fears

HERMOSA, S.D. — While it’s important to inform and update the public about coronavirus, businesses are seeing fear impacting business.

Just this week, the South Dakota Department of Health released an exposure report regarding the town of Hermosa.

The report stated that a patron who had visited a gas station in the area, tested positive for COVID-19.

Although that person was only at one business in the area one time, surrounding businesses have seen a decrease in demand, which they believe is due to fear.

One business owner wants to ensure customers that they are doing everything to keep staff and customers safe.

“We have to treat every place like there is a potential COVID-19 patient around because it is such an unknown disease,” says Lintz Brothers pizzeria owner Brian Lintz.

He continues, “We don’t know how its transmitted as far as how many days you’re symptom free before you start to transmit it.”

Up until this point Lintz says his business was still in a good place, with a lot of people ordering take out, curbside and delivery.

Yet business owners still have concerns about what is to come.

“The stigma of, if that would happen, to try to get people to come back because again fear kind of rules things,” says Lintz.

In her conference on Tuesday, Governor Kristi Noem encouraged South Dakotans to check credible resources for information.

“I think that it’s good for individuals to be informed on what guidance businesses may be following to know how they are being protected by those individuals that run our small businesses across the state,” says Governor Noem.


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