Small Business Saturday draws support to local businesses

RAPID CITY, S.D. —  Black Friday is celebrated by millions across the United States, and local businesses came up with their own way to join in on the fun frenzy.

Loren Freis, co-owner of The Farmer’s Daughter in Hill City, talked about the importance of small businesses in the Black Hills.

“The big box stores are always good for somebody, but it’s the mom and pop shops that keep the economy of the United States going,” she says.

Many towns in the Black Hills rely heavily on tourism, and winter is generally the slow season, so small businesses like to see some extra love for the holidays.

“This time of year a lot of our customers are local, and of course we know them because they shop here year after year,” says Frank Night Pipe of Prairie Edge in Rapid City. “So we’re very grateful to them.”

For many small shops, it’s the personal relationships they build with their customers that keep them working, especially in tough times. But owners also like to celebrate success and joy with their shoppers, who, in small town settings, are often local business owners, too.Thumbnail Img 7322

“Our biggest deals of the year are always on Small Business Saturday, so that’s an opportunity for us to show our appreciation to our customers that have supported us throughout the year,” explains Somer Kingsbury, owner of Who’s Toy House in Rapid City. 

In towns like Hill City and Rapid City, the businesses all support each other, because they feel that success comes from working together.

“When someone has a sale, we all promote that sale. We just take care of each other because that’s what family does and that’s what small communities do,” Freis adds. 

For those who want to spend their Christmas money wisely and purchase unique gifts, this holiday is an opportunity to land two turtle doves in one pear tree.

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