Ski for Light is in full swing in the northern hills

TERRY PEAK, S.D. — The forty-first annual Ski for Light is in full swing this week, providing opportunities for the physically and visually challenged to enjoy winter sports.

Ski for Light is an international program that takes participants cross country skiing, but only in the Black Hills are activities like snowmobiling and downhill skiing available.

“They’re out actually doing something that’s physically active, that’s fun to do. And just like anybody else in the world. That’s the big thing, is making these folks fell like they’re just like anybody else in life.” said Ray Bubb, Vice-President for the Black Hills Ski for Light.

Former Miss Wheel Chair America Karen Roy participated in the event last year, and now the event is something she looks forward to every year.

“It’s a once a year opportunity to do a sport that I love that…” said Karen “I live in Louisiana so I don’t have any opportunity to ski around there. But really the camaraderie that happens during the day while you’re skiing and at night is what makes it so special.”

This year’s event is being held at Terry Peak all week and is expected to draw over two hundred and fifty participants, guides and volunteers. The Ski for Light program in the Black Hills area also holds a summer event at Camp Bob Marshall, offering fishing, canoeing and tandem bicycle rides.

For more information, visit the Black Hills Ski for Light website HERE.

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