Sk8toberfest allows Lakota skaters to show off their skills

PINE RIDGE, S.D. — It was skater paradise Sunday in Pine Ridge as kids, teens, and adults competed at Toby Eagle Bull Skate Park for Sk8toberfest.

A local skateboarding group called Ground Control has started hosting frequent competitions here for anyone who wants to participate. Events range from clearing stacks of skateboards to zooming out of the bowl. Plus, with Halloween just two weeks away, costumes were encouraged for today’s festivities.

Sk8toberfest draws Lakota skaters for friendly competitionDespite some rivalries, the environment fosters positivity and companionship among everyone. Skate parks are loved by other Nations too, and they’ve made their way into locations like Rosebud and Crow Creek as well.

Kyle Mesteth, CEO,  and founder of Ground Control, talked about how important the skate park is to the Pine Ridge community, and in other areas across the state. “Over here at Ground Control, we’ve been trying to hold a skate competition every weekend for the skaters to give them something to do, something to look forward to. What inspired that was having a skate competition once a year, and then realizing that this needs to happen more.”

After the success of events like this one, people began to realize that skate parks became places where their kids could exercise and forge new friendships. Ground Control and its crew hope to build an indoor skate park in Pine Ridge soon, so the fun can continue year-round.

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