Six13, a street number turned into Downtown Rapid City art gallery

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Art may seem like a luxury purchase in a pandemic, but artists themselves would argue that buying local art is one of the best decisions you can make — if you have the money.

Co-owners Jay Pond and Greg Geiger of Gallery Six13 at 613 Main Street in Rapid City, opened their art gallery on July 3 after postponing their June 13 date. Six artists, in addition to Greg and Jay, have had a variety of work on display. Each artist is local and their work is inspired by South Dakota culture.

It’s different from other galleries in the region from it’s design, it’s artists and the fact it’s a business all it’s own, unattached to any shop or museum.

“Our main objective is to give the best possible presentation of a piece of art,” says Co-Owner, Jay Pond. “Locals understand the necessity for buying local and there is nothing more local than art. They’re excited by it because we’re seeing, distinctly, South Dakota art here.”

Pond is optimistic about the new business venture, regardless of the timing. He says July was a great month for sales with a percentage of art sales going towards the gallery.

Buying art may not be a necessity, but the business is doing surprisingly well.

“Most people still have their jobs, still have their income and what it’s skewing towards is people who are art buyers that have discretionary income.” says Pond.

Gallery Six13 is open every day from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., allowing for folks strolling downtown to gaze and or buy art, supporting the work of local artists.

They will soon be launching a website allowing for online purchasing.

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