Sioux Falls City Council passes 60 day mask mandate with 6-2 vote

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — The Sioux Falls City Council voted 6-2 Tuesday night to approve a city-wide mask mandate.

The mandate, which will last for 60 days, has a “no penalty” attachment, meaning that no citations can be issued for those refusing to follow the ordinance.

It was also stated that law enforcement would be left to determine whether or not to respond to 911 calls for masks, and could potentially make the decision to issue a citation for disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace if the situation warranted it. Businesses with mask requirements in place could potentially request that trespassing citations be issued.

“Businesses do not have a duty to enforce the law,” said Sioux Falls City Attorney Stacy Kooistra.

The City Council recognized that having a mandate with no penalties attached was unprecedented.

“Mask mandates don’t work,” said Councilor Greg Neitzert. “This is not a mandate, it’s a suggestion.”

Councilor Alan Jensen encouraged Mayor TenHaken to put all available resources into building a comprehensive plan for moving forward.

The Rapid City Common Council will hold its special session on Thursday, Nov. 19th to discuss a mask mandate locally.

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