Sinkhole in Black Hawk poses no threat to I-90; DOT says

BLACK HAWK, S.D. — The State Department of Transportation says it has found no safety issues with the stretch of I-90 near the Black Hawk neighborhood sitting on an old gypsum mine.

It was in late April when sinkholes started opening in the Hideaway Hills subdivision, forcing more than a dozen families to evacuate.

The state DOT was called in mid-May to examine the ground leading from the mine to under the interstate to see if the highway was also unsafe.

A local engineering firm called FMG was brought on to investigate, along with a company from California called Geovision.

The DOT tonight reports that the engineers found no voids under the interstate, deeming it safe.

The examination was conducted within understood limitations of accessibility to the site along with the depth of exploration, budget and schedule.

The displaced residents of Hideaway Hills have sued the state, Meade County and the developers for more than 75-million dollars in damages.

You can view the full report from the FMG report HERE.

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