“Showered With Hope” working to bring mobile showers to the homeless community

NewsCenter1's Darsha Nelson introduces us to Showered With Hope, a Rapid City-based effort to bring mobile showers to the homeless community

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Ted Hayward has been working with the homeless for years, and is spearheading a new effort to bring a mobile shower to Rapid City.

“The idea started from feeding homeless back in 2014, and we were talking to people back then and even now and asking what one of the biggest things they need [and it] is to shower,” Hayward says. “There’s no place in town to shower, really.”

Showered With Hope is a community-funded and volunteer-based initiative.

“It’s just it’s something that’s needed for health, for self-esteem, for lots of various reasons,” Hayward says.

He was recently able to secure a trailer that will one day house the mobile showers.

Thumbnail Img 0573Hayward says groups around the area, such as students from the School of Mines and local plumbers, are donating time, expertise, and free or reduced-cost materials.

“The slide out right here is going to be taken out; we have already purchased a wheelchair lift to get people in here, so that’ll be awesome; the bathrooms are going to be renovated….there’s going to be one at this end, where the bedroom used to be will be another bathroom,” Hayward says, describing his vision as we walk through the trailer. “This will just be kind of a general area to put your clothes on, do your hair, stuff like that.”

Based in Rapid City, the mobile shower is an entirely self-contained unit that will travel to places like the Hope Center and the skate park.

“The plan right now is a couple days a week do it, and it’s only going to be able to do three or four showers a day,” he adds.

Anyone that wants to get involved with the project can do so by reaching out to Showered With Hope on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

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