Shoppers “flock” to local area stores for last minute Thanksgiving Day shopping

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Thanksgiving is always a great opportunity to spend quality time with family.

But, it’s also a great opportunity to get some last-second shopping in.

Thanksgiving Day Shopping 2

Whether it was whipped cream for a sugary treat or fixin’s for the turkey, shoppers flocked to local stores for supplies for Thanksgiving Thursday morning.

Some may have had better luck than others, but they’re still finding a way to get the meal prep done.

“I’ve been to three different locations this morning, couldn’t find it,” said Dave Lehmann, a Thanksgiving Day shopper. “So I saw a video this morning and I was like ‘I’ve already got it brined and everything else and I was like I think I’m going to inject it now too.”

The holiday brings families together and helps to create lasting memories.

“Just everybody being around the house, ya know, just visiting with family and friends,” Lehmann said.

Even though the holiday does bring family together, there’s no underestimating a favorite food of choice.

“I love deviled eggs,” said Korbin Wittmeier, a Thanksgiving Day shopper. “That’s my favorite thing.”

“Stuffing and gravy,” added Madison Wilbanks.

“Pecan pie, for sure,” Lehmann said.

“Pumpkin pie,” said Colton Juso, a Thanksgiving Day shopper.

Thanksgiving is a treasured holiday in its own right, but it’s also the gateway into the whole holiday season.

“After Thanksgiving, we always put up a Christmas tree so, that’s a tradition,” Wittmeier said.


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