‘Shine for Serenity’ event held at Civic Center to remind the public that Serenity is still missing

RAPID CITY, S.D. — ‘Shine for Serenity’ was held at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center all day Saturday to keep the public involved in the search for missing child Serenity Dennard.

“Its a wonderful benefit that we are doing for my daughter,” said Serenity’s mother Darcie Gentry. “We have games for the kids we have a bake sale we have a silent auction, we have arts and crafts for the kids, we have a slide show we have music playing. Everybody is just gathered here to support this beautiful little girl.”

‘Shine for Serenity’ had lots of visitors throughout the event including the Black Hills Guardians of the Children, a biker organization that helps children who have suffered abuse.

Darcie went on to say “They work with children who have been abused, kind of stand up for them. In court situations they give the child a voice. If the child is scared to go to bed at night they will spend all night standing outside their bedroom window to make sure they feel safe.”

Another major issue being discussed at the event is the Serenity Alert System. Serenity’s step father has been one of the main driving forces behind this system.

“This started day one, so the entire time Serenity has been gone this alert has been in place. We are trying to implement it all over the world and the first place its going to start is right here in South Dakota,” said Brian Gentry, Serenity Dennard’s step father.

The alert system would make it so any child who is reported missing will trigger a mass text message to anyone in the area of the disappearance. The alert will describe who is missing, what they look like, and what they were last seen wearing.

“The Amber alert is known to work 96% of the time but only two to three percent of the population qualify for that alert once it goes out which is why there is so many exploited children on an annual basis. And that number just keeps rising so we need to put that alert in place to put it between the Endangered Child Alert and the Amber Alert,” said Brian Gentry.

All of the donations raised at the Serenity Shine event will go towards the Serenity reward fund to keep the community involved in the search for Serenity Dennard.


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