Sheridan Lake Road is undergoing construction to make the road safer

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. — Construction on Sheridan Lake Road is currently is phase one but the project actually began last year starting with phase four. The $22 million project will transform the road by making it wider and safer.

Sheridan Lake Road along US Highway 385 is currently closed and undergoing construction as part of the four-phase project overseen by the South Dakota Department of Transportation. The primary purpose for the project is to improve safety for the traveling public and improve the operational efficiency of Sheridan Lake Road. A major part of the construction is straightening out parts of the road.

Brenda Flottmeyer, Project Engineer for Department of Transportation, says, “Sheridan Lake Road is being reconstructed to bring it up to the current design standards, straighten the alignment, make it a safer road. It’s gonna be a wider road, the rural section is a 36-foot-wide section with two 12 foot lanes and six foot shoulders.”

This project requires a set of controlled blasts in order to remove materials that cannot be taken out with a bulldozer or excavator.

“We are building a diversion so that we can put in a box culvert. And we had some blasting activity that happened yesterday and is probably going to happen again tomorrow morning. We’re building some grates on the other side of the hill and putting in some pipe. And that’s about the extent of the work that we are going right now,” said Flottmeyer.

One of the four phases is already complete for the reconstruction project, with work already complete between Norseman Lane and Albertta Drive.

Flottmeyer also said, “Right now we’re working in phase one of the project which is a total closure of Sheridan Lake Road.”

That closure runs from Norseman Lane to 385. The project is on track to be finished by July 1st, 2022.

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