Shamrock Shake

In this week’s segment of Healthy Eating, Anya makes a knock off version of the Shamrock Shake.


Start to finish: 10 minutes

Servings: 1 (1½ cups)

¾ cup fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt

½ cup fat-free milk

? teaspoon peppermint extract or mint extract

5 drops green food coloring

2 packets Truvia, Stevia, Splenda or your favorite sugar substitute

3 or 4 ice cubes

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Fat-free or light whipped cream, optional

If you buy frozen yogurt from your local yogurt shop, place in freezer until very firm, before using. This should take about an hour.

Combine all shake ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until smooth.  Stop blender and stir with a spoon to help blend everything. Blend again for a few seconds.

Pour into a glass. Top with light whipped cream if desired and enjoy immediately. You really don’t need the whipped cream. It still tastes great without it!

Nutrition information per serving: 184 calories; 0 calories from fat; 2.5 mg cholesterol; 9 g protein; 36 g carbohydrate; 0 g fiber; 132 mg sodium; 27 g sugar


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