Severe weather Safe Place Selfie Campaign

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Posting selfies on this day won’t only get you likes, they can also prepare you for severe weather. April 7th is the National Weather Service’s #safeplacselfie day.

The National Weather Service is encouraging us to snap a photo in what would be our safe place should life-threatening weather roll in. The hope is that the selfie day will prompt people to prepare in advance, to avoid confusion in a real-life crisis. Areas that are typically best for sheltering are basements,  under stairwells, and away from windows and doors. Still, the selfie campaign aims to push people to get creative with different locations and even involve children and pets.

“If you don’t have a basement, the best place to go would be the lowest level,” said NWS Meteorologist Susan Sanders. “Find a small interior room, like a closet, or a bathroom is really great because the plumbing adds a little extra protection. Try to put as many walls between you and the tornado as possible. People in mobile homes really should have plan to go someplace well before the storms reach them.”

Sanders said for folks in mobile homes, it’s best to find family or friends with homes to stay with until the storm passes. As for additional preparation, April 19th will be the start of South Dakotas Severe Weather Awareness Week. During the week the weather service will share information about safety and preparation and stage a statewide tornado drill on Wednesday, the 21st. It’s  a great opportunity to test warning systems, and put into practice safety drills.

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