Serenity Alert System at ‘Serenity Shine’ event Saturday

RAPID CITY, S.D. — An EMA or Endangered Missing Advisory is a tool which allows law enforcement and others to form a plan of action to safely recover missing children. These are children who don’t fit the criteria for an Amber Alert.

An Amber Alert indicates that law enforcement have confirmed that an abduction has taken place. The child must be at risk or serious injury or death and police need to have descriptive information about the child, captor, and the captors vehicle.

This is where the Serenity Alert would come in. A Serenity Alert would be a text message alert that would go out to people located in the area of the disappearance.

“Had she qualified for that Amber Alert, if we had something like a Serenity Alert in place, the public would have been notified a whole lot quicker either by text, phone, email and we wouldn’t be standing here probably talking to you about the Serenity Alert at this point. But being the fact that she didn’t qualify for that it took a very long time for the public to actually figure out that she was actually missing.” Said Brian Gentry, creator of the Serenity Alert.

A Serenity Alert would qualify for anyone under the age of 18 and would work for missing kids who are not believed to be abducted but who might be missing due to weather or mental capacity.

So Saturday the 23rd from 12 to 9 p.m. the family of Serenity Dennard is holding a “Serenity Shine” event at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center to keep the public involved in the search and to inform the public more on the Serenity Alert System.

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