Senior Games: 8-ball and pickleball competitions

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Wednesday was another day of competition among Rapid City seniors at the annual Black Hills Senior Games.

On Wednesday, the athletes competed in 8-ball and pickleball at the Canyon Lake Senior Center. This is a competition for people age 50 and older. In recent years, there have even been athletes still competing in their 90’s or even at 100 years old.

“It’s great to promote healthy living and active lifestyles for our department but it’s even more inspiring to watch some of these individuals be as active as they are. Some of these pickleball players can certainly sweep me under the rug because I’m not a pickleball player, but it’s very inspiring to watch some of these activities,” said Kristy Lintz, the Recreation Program Specialist for Rapid City Parks & Recreation. She added, “it’s very inspiring to watch some of these activities, as well as the card games. It takes a lot of mental thought to do some strategy and to play these activities. So even if they aren’t being physically active, they’re still being mentally active. It’s really nice to see some of our young staff interact with these individuals and just get some inspiration to continue to be active.”

The games continue through Saturday at different locations across the city. An athletes’ picnic will be hosted by the City on Thursday at 5 p-m at the Old Storybook Island Picnic Shelter.

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