Senate Judiciary Committee takes up the beef with beef

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Senate Judiciary Committee, taking up the beef with beef, examining suspected market manipulation throughout the cattle industry.

South Dakota’s Sen. John Thune requesting the committee’s deep dive, after the Justice Department’s anti-trust division began investigating the nation’s four largest meatpackers last year. He says the current market offers high prices for consumers and leaves cattle producers with the short end of the stick.

“One thing we know is that the livestock producers in this country deserve fair transparent markets but it’s, we owe that to them,” said Thune. “I will work the hardest I can to get them answers to what’s happening in the market out there.”

Testifying in the committee Wednesday are two of the four main producers, JBS USA and Tyson, as well as food and agriculture industry leaders from the Iowa Cattleman’s Association and the National Farmers Union.

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