Sen. Thune highlights Powder River Training Complex achievements

U.S. Senator John Thune highlighted the numerous accomplishments the Senate has achieved this year, particularly for the state of South Dakota.

One of the biggest accomplishments after years of hard work has been the expansion of the Powder River Training Complex. At the beginning of the month, the U.S. Air Force completed its very first training exercise in the expanded training complex.

Thune called it a resounding success. "After working with the Air Force on this project for nearly nine years, I was proud to see this expansion finally completed and even more delighted to see the first large-force training exercise take place at the expanded Powder River Training Complex this month. Forty-one aircraft took part in the exercise, including the B-1 Bombers from Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. The expanded training complex will save Ellsworth $23 million per year in training costs by reducing the need for the B-1 Bombers to commute to other states like Nevada and Utah for training."

Thune also said the expanded air space will allow our airmen and women to carry out critical training in conditions that more closely resemble combat missions.