Sen. Rounds website providing guidance to those who haven’t received stimulus checks

ST. ONGE, S.D. — Congress passed the CARES stimulus package, but some have had trouble receiving the much needed aid.

The stimulus check would give $1,200 to tax payers and an additional $500 for each dependant child.

While many Americans have had funds deposited into their banks, millions have yet to receive the funds they so desperately need. Many people who have not received payments, are waiting for them to come through the mail, and those have been more difficult and much slower to process.

“The rounds.Senate.Gov website, it’s our official website,” said Senator Mike Rounds. “You can go in there, and we’ll give you a link to go back in to find out where your payment is at, and if you can’t get in and look at that, sometimes it works really well and for other people they have a challenge. Let us know and we’ll be happy to help them find that information for them.”

The senate will be on break until after the primary elections, and will have a lot on their plates when they do return.

Moving forward, Rounds says the senate will be considering what needs to be done to transition from pandemic impact and immediate relief and back to open markets. Discussions will include how to safely allow people to work again, and preparing for safe tourism within South Dakota.

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