Sen. Rounds reflects on first term, looks toward second

PIERRE, S.D. – Senator Mike Rounds wins re-election in South Dakota and looking ahead to the next six years, Rounds says there is still more work to do.

Catching up with the Senator after the race was called, Rounds says the last six years have seen many accomplishments. Working to ensure Ellsworth Air Force base grows and ensure the B-21 is stationed in western South Dakota top the list.

He says there is more to get done regarding veteran’s healthcare and making sure they have full access to benefits. He also mentions progress to be made for the agriculture industry.

“One area that we committed to work on that we’re not going to let go of – we’re going to fix this issue with regards to the competition in livestock coming in from outside the United States,” said Rounds. “It’s time to get the mandatory country of origin labeling back in and to do it correctly so it meets the test of time.”

Heading back to Capitol Hill for the remainder of his first term, Rounds says Congress still has to address the budget. Shifting gears to next session, Rounds says they have to turn the corner on building the economy to start saving more than they’re spending, but as for what the next Congress will look like, some states will still be waiting on ballot counts in the coming days.

“But it’s better that everybody votes, and I’m still convinced that here in South Dakota, we’ve got such a good system for voting early that I encouraged a lot of people to vote early,” said Rounds. “It’s safe and they can do it without putting themselves at risk.”

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