Sen. Rounds highlights what you can do to help Ukraine

WASHINGTON — Violence continues in Ukraine with tens of thousands fleeing their homeland and South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds says there are ways to help Ukrainians now and in the future.

U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds

In the short term, income for many Ukrainians is down to near zero as they’re forced out of their country. Sen. Rounds says booking air bed and breakfast services in Ukraine helps put money in their citizen’s pockets as soon as possible.

Also providing donations to humanitarian organizations, such as the Red Cross, helps resources get to those who need it the most.

“Supporting the nonprofit organizations such as the Red Cross, specifically to be able to assist with with Ukrainians coming across the border into Poland and other locations,” said Rounds.

Rounds adds that at some point refugees may need to move elsewhere that’s safe, and that may be the United States.

“At some point, there may be the ability of the United States to take in some of these Ukrainians as refugees as well,” said Rounds. “And it might be based on familial contacts within the United States, but we need to keep an open mind to assisting in that regard as well.”

At least one and a half million Ukrainians have been displaced in and outside the country’s borders.

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