Sen. Rounds: COVID-19 relief bill still a ways out

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Relief is not in sight on Capitol Hill as lawmakers remain at an impasse for another coronavirus bill.

Senator Mike Rounds says progress is not moving quickly. He says Senate Republicans are working to ensure the bill is focused on getting people back to work and school, provides liability protection for schools, businesses, and hospitals, and is also funded by borrowed dollars.

Rounds adds a bipartisan bill tied to the aid called the TRUST Act is a tag-along legislation designed to create a process to reign in the national debt and ensure longevity of the country’s trust accounts.

“We can’t continue to spend without making sure the trust accounts are going to last for the next generation and in the past, nobody has talked about that in the past because where there was a shortfall, we spent the money automatically,” said Sen. Rounds.

Also up in the air – decisions on unemployment benefits. The house is adamant in continuing the $600 a week payments, while the senate says that money doesn’t give people incentive to get back to work.

“Long term anything we can do to get the economy rolling again getting people back to work again, back to school is a positive thing, and if we could’ve provided the incentive to do that it would’ve helped our economy recover more quickly.”

Rounds says the likeliest way for relief will come by way of a Presidential executive order.

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