Sen. Mike Rounds speaks on police reform bill

Seasonal Visas Rounds

Sen. Mike Rounds hosted a tele-town hall on Thursday on the justice act, the Republican effort at a police reform bill in the senate.

It included calls for lynching to be made a federal hate crime, educating police officers on the history of racism, and discouraging choke holds. The bill was blocked by the democrats, as they work on their own police reform bill.

Rounds says he is unsure why the bill was defeated, even though the GOP proposed 20 amendments to the bill.

“Quite honestly it would appear to most of us that they think this is a good November election issue.” said Rounds, “I think they’re wrong. It is unfortunate and I think we’re gonna have to continue to try to respond to an overwhelming request to revisit this issue.”

Also discussed in the conference were temporary work visas, the H2B’s. President Donald Trump put a freeze on them his week.

The visas are mainly used for seasonal positions in tourism and landscaping.

Rounds say the president’s freeze may affect operations in South Dakota this summer.

“The good news is, it didn’t, he didn’t put this moratorium on earlier and stop us from getting any of these individuals in so some folks have got them but there will be some on our tourism industry and our landscaping industry as well.” said Rounds.

We’ll keep you updated on any activity with the visas and police reform legislation.

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