Second William Thoman trial put on hold

A second trial for a Rapid City man already convicted of and sentenced for criminal solicitation is on hold.

William Thoman was convicted in August 2019 of criminal solicitation and sentenced to 15 years in jail with 10 years suspended, in a case involving threats against his late wife’s oncologist.

Thoman’s attorney has appealed both the conviction and the sentence to the South Dakota Supreme Court.

Thoman is facing a second charge involving alleged death threats against Judge Jane Wipf Pfeifle, who was originally scheduled to hear the criminal solicitation case, and a witness in that case.

According to Thoman’s attorney, Judge Thomas Trimble has agreed to continue the second case until the state Supreme Court rules on Thoman’s appeal.

Trimble retired from the bench in 2014 but was brought in by the state to hear the second Thoman case because the charges relate to a sitting Seventh Circuit judge.


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