Second COVID-19 booster recommended for more Americans

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The U.S Food and Drug Administration has expanded emergency use authorization for a second COVID-19 booster.

Adults 50 years and over are now eligible for the booster, which was expanded from only including immuno-compromised groups. The booster can be administered four months after the first, by either Pfizer or Moderna.

Monument Health officials recommend residents in either group take the new booster when ready, still keeping one other important line of defense against the virus.

“The other thing you need to do in addition to getting the boosters is to wear masks in closed spaces,” Monument Health’s Vice President of Medical Affairs, Dr. Shankar Kurra said. “We know that that also add another layer of protection. The more layers of protection, the more likely we can save our 50 and older age group folks.”

Cases and hospitalizations are currently in a downward trend, and as the vulnerable groups prepare for their second booster, more lives could be saved.

“Over the two years of the pandemic, of all the deaths in the U.S, 75 percent have occurred in the age groups 65 and older. And that number rises up to 85 percent if you include 50 and older,” Dr. Kurra explained. “So this is the most vulnerable group as far as this virus in concerned. We don’t anticipate that this will be applied to non-vulnerable groups. It will be mainly for the 50 and older and the immune-compromised.”

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