Search resumes for Serenity Dennard and Larry Genzlinger

BLACK HILLS, S.D. — Seven canine teams from three different states are in the Black Hills this weekend to help search for two missing individuals.

Nine-year-old Serenity Dennard who has been missing for over a year, and 66-year old Larry Genzlinger who was last seen seven months ago.

Dennard was last seen at the Black Hills Children’s Home on Feb.3, 2019, and Genzlinger was last seen hunting in the area of Deerfield Lake on October 1, 2019. Saturday was a significant day in the search as seven teams from Colorado Forensic Canines and Tri-State Canines met in Rockerville for the start of a four-day search.

“For every single day that I’ve been out here, there’s been a dog and a handler, or other people out here grid searching,” said Gail Schmidt, the Fire Chief of the Rockerville Volunteer Fire Department. “So, this is just a large team effort point blank, and everybody is out here for the same reason. And that reason is to find Serenity Dennard, and find Larry Genzlinger, bring them home for their families so that they can have answers.”

The teams from Colorado, Montana and Wyoming arrived Friday and will work with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue and the Rockerville Volunteer Fire Department. The search party is largely made up of volunteers, but the Pennington County Emergency Operations Center has assisted in getting lodging and other necessities.

Searches for Serenity have been on going since she went missing last February. As for Genzlinger, snow cover made it difficult for parties to search the area and as a result, operations were suspended in late October, and have just resumed.

“The snow is a big impact on the search, it covers everything up,” said Captain Mark Hughes of the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office. “We also have to deal with the vegetation. This is a good time for us before the vegetation really gets heavy and high.”

Search and rescue teams have mapped out around 40 sections in hopes of covering around 400 acres in the next four days.

“We segment our areas into about 10 acre sections because we need to grid them very small, very closely, so we go for a smaller area and try to search it very thoroughly,” said Volunteer Dog Trainer Kris Brock.

With all of the resources dedicated to the search, teams hope they will find Dennard and Genzlinger, and can finally bring closure for the families.

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