Seachris – Rapid City Ward 2 Candidate

Tell the voters a little bit about yourself. Who are you and what do you stand for?

My name is Lindsey Seachris, and I’m running for Ward 2 City Council in Rapid City. I currently work for a South Dakota School of Mines and the Office of Economic Development as a marketing specialist. I am interested in representing the constituents of Ward 2. I’m passionate about my community and love Rapid City and just everything we have going for us here.

I am a mother and homeowner and have lived in Ward 2 for ten years now — my current residence. And excited to have the opportunity to serve my constituents.

What do you see as the biggest public safety issue facing Rapid City and how should it be addressed?

Public safety. That’s a big one. First of all, our police department, I feel, is top notch state. Just amazing service to the community. But our largest public safety issue right now, I believe, is just a perspective of feeling safe, especially in our downtown community areas. We have become habituated to an increase in crime in our community, and I think it’s important to have a well-funded police department to be proactive in our policing measures and to provide them with the resources they need to continue to do an exceptional job.

The Rapid City area is poised for perhaps the biggest economic growth ever seen around here. What do you think needs to be addressed first?

Yeah, so they anticipate that we’re one of the fastest growing metropolitan communities in the, in the region. And just with that, we need to grow strategically and intentionally, and do that in a way that’s sustainable for years to come. How you would approach that as being proactive with your development, working with our developers, find out what resources they need from the community and bring those resources to the table for them to continue to grow and develop Rapid City in a way that’s manageable and protects our natural resources.

How do you balance economic and population growth with current residents’ desire to preserve the natural beauty of the Black Hills?

Yeah, that’s very important. Excellent question. We have a responsibility to protect our natural resources. And I think that’s going to be really important moving into the future to work a regionally with other governing agencies to address some of our needs collectively, including housing shortages, protecting our water supply, and our, our natural resources with the Black Hills and how we can work together to expand and grow our region.

If the voters elect you to the Council, what specifically will be your highest priority?

My highest priority right now would be economic development, a focus on innovation and technology, diversifying our economy. And also just managing our growth so that we grow strategically and intentionally. And that it is sustainable and protects our natural resources.

What is your long-term vision for Rapid City and the region?

Long-term vision. You know, I have two children. I plan to raise my children here. I have a long-term investment in our community as such. That said, I would love to see us just continue to be a happy, healthy, inclusive, welcoming, vibrant community… continue to develop our downtown innovation district, provide opportunities for our young children, our young people to stay here, harness what talent we have here in the community between South Dakota Mines, Black Hill State, and WDT, and continuing to build a skilled and talented workforce in all areas.


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