SD’s only Rabbi holds celebration of Hanukkah at Mount Rushmore

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The fourth night of Hanukkah was celebrated at Mount Rushmore with members of the Jewish community. Hanukkah is a special festival revered by millions of Jews across the globe. As tradition dictates, every night during the Festival of Lights, one more candle is lit on a menorah, an 8-branched candelabra.


South Dakota’s only Rabbi conducted the ceremony, saying he believes all should know about Hanukkah.

“Beyond the Jewish community, it’s very important for people to know about the festival of Hanukkah and to be able to see it and learn from it. There’s a wonderful menorah here in downtown Rapid City. There’s a public menorah in Sioux Falls and there’s a wonderful menorah at the steps of the capital, and it’s very beautiful that so many people across the great state of South Dakota are celebrating Hanukkah in such a meaningful way,” said Rabbi Mendel Alperowitz.

Rabbi Alperowitz says he is grateful for the founding fathers who gave religious liberty and freedom for all to practice. He is the first permanent Rabbi in South Dakota in decades.

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