SDHSAA to consider making high school soccer a spring sport

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Boys and girls high school soccer is currently played in the fall.

But several schools across the state would like to see it become a spring sport.

Four months ago, the SDHSAA Soccer Advisory Committee recommended moving high school soccer from the fall and making it a spring sport.

The reason behind the recommendation is because the fall calendar offers upwards of nine or more opportunities for student athletes to compete in extra-curricular activities, while there are just four activities offered in the spring.

Plus, some schools have stated that they would like to consider adding soccer if it was held in the spring because their athletes are spread too thin in the fall.

Rapid City Central girls soccer coach Mark Morgan, as well as, Rapid City Stevens boys soccer coach and assistant track coach Jeff Fierro both agree that soccer should remain a fall sport.

“A lot of kids participate in track,” Stevens boys soccer coach Jeff Fierro said. “It’s arguably participant wise, it’s the largest sport in the state. So I would imagine you’d have a lot of kids that would want to do both. They’re both school sports so it’s possible. But it is difficult. One of the biggest hurdles though would be that club teams also that’s kind of their big time of the year to participate. Those kids would have to choose between participating in club and participating in high school.” 

“I think I would echo the majority of the soccer coaches in the state in that we wouldn’t be thrilled with the move and there’s a number of reasons for it,” Central girls soccer coach Mark Morgan said. “Primarily weather, competitions with other sports, etc. But I’m not a big fan of the idea.” 

The proposal to move the soccer season was recently voted on by athletic directors across the state and failed by a 25-7 margin.

However, the South Dakota High School Activities Association Board of Directors will meet on April 21-22 for the first reading of the soccer proposal.

If the proposal is approved, it will go through a second reading and a final vote in June.

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