SDGF&P reminding public to drive with caution during deer rut

RAPID CITY, S.D. — When driving, deer are always something to watch out for, especially in the Black Hills.

Sdgfp Rut 7

But keeping an eye out for for the wild game could be far more important because of the rut this season.

During the rut, deer become oblivious to their surroundings and are focused on mating, and even though it may look like only one deer is making its way across, be prepared for more to follow.

“Anytime you see a deer near the road, in the ditch, standing in the ditch, slow down because you don’t know if that deer’s going to come out in the road. If you do see one cross in front of you, be prepared for another one to be coming behind it,” said Steve Griffin, a Big Game Biologist at the South Dakota Game, Fish, & Parks Rapid City Regional Office.

Griffin also says that the rut will go on until the end of November.

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