SD Supreme Court upholds life sentence for Klinetobe


PIERRE, S.D. — In the South Dakota Supreme Court case, State of South Dakota v. Jonathon W. Klinetobe, the court has upheld the life sentence that Klinetobe received last year for his role in the death of his former girlfriend, Jessica Rehfeld.

Last year, Klinetobe pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of aiding and abetting first-degree manslaughter. Despite this reduced charge, Klinetobe was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, with the judge citing Klinetobe as a danger to the community.

Following the four-day sentencing hearing where he received the life in prison sentence, Klinetobe appealed.

During the review of the sentencing, the court was unable to find any abuse of discretion and came to this conclusion:

“Klinetobe’s sentence of life without parole reflects neither an abuse of the sentencing court’s discretion nor gross disproportionality. We affirm the sentence.”

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