SD speaker releases video of confrontation on House floor

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) – South Dakota’s House speaker released security footage Tuesday of an altercation in the chamber after representatives ended an investigation into Rep. David Johnson’s conduct.

Members voted 64-1 Monday to disband a discipline and expulsion committee established days earlier to investigate Johnson’s actions toward Rep. Lynne DiSanto. She has said she feared for her safety during last week’s confrontation.

But DiSanto asked lawmakers to dissolve the panel, saying she accepted an apology from Johnson.

Speaker Mark Mickelson shared the short clip to be as "transparent as possible." A Public Safety Department spokesman previously cited a public records law exemption to deny reporters the footage.

The silent video shows a heated one-minute verbal exchange between DiSanto and Johnson. Johnson approaches DiSanto several times during the confrontation, at times stepping away, before House Majority Leader Lee Qualm intervenes.

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