SD Senate and House pass medical pot bills, collision looms

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — South Dakota’s Senate has passed a spate of bills to put lawmakers’ mark on the state’s new voter-passed medical marijuana law.

Several of the bills approved by the Senate would ease access to medical pot for some patients. But House Republican lawmakers are moving in the opposite direction.

On Monday, they passed a proposal that would bar patients from growing cannabis plants at home, setting up a collision with a Senate bill that seeks to cap the number of homegrown plants. Legislators this year are honing in on a law passed by voters in 2020.

They are bringing over 30 bills addressing the medical marijuana program. They touch on everything from how many plants can be grown in patients’ homes to which state agencies can investigate medical pot businesses that run afoul of the law.

Republicans’ ability to change the state’s new medical marijuana program will largely depend on whether House and Senate lawmakers can find consensus.

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