SD National Guard Troops called up for potential DC deployment

PIERRE, S.D. — Soldiers and Airmen of the South Dakota National Guard and Air Guard are being called up for a potential deployment to Washington, D.C.

An unknown number of personnel are being assembled into a military task force, the purpose of which has not been disclosed at this time. Units statewide are being called, not any one specific company or battalion.

Ian Fury, spokesperson for Governor Kristi Noem, did confirm that personnel were being called to service but could not answer questions regarding numbers, the authorized mission, or a potential deployment location.

“For operational security reasons, specific names of units, number of members, and mission specifics will not be released,” said Fury.

Several members of the 235th Military Police Company based in Rapid City and Sioux Falls, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that they are preparing to deploy to the District of Columbia ahead of next week’s presidential inauguration.

Some Pentagon reports indicate that more than 20,000 troops will be sent to the nation’s capital for security – more than four times the number currently deployed in Afghanistan.

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