SD House State Affairs Committee kills marijuana framework bill


PIERRE, S.D. — This was the final day of committee hearings this legislative session. The House State Affairs Committee started the day with a vote to not take any action on recreational marijuana – until one or two things happen.

The debate by the State Affairs panel centering on provisions for the use and sale of marijuana – not to legalize it.

The bill, approved by the Senate last week, would provide, what proponents call a framework for when marijuana becomes legal in South Dakota.

“I would submit to you, if this bill fails, we’ll be back here next year. We will be arguing over the starting point…who’s eligible for such licenses and son on and so forth. I would just as soon establish the baseline and go from there,” said State Sen. Brock Greenfield.

Rapid City Rep. Mike Derby told his fellow House members the bill provides a starting point in the event Amendment A is ruled constitutional, adding it would lay the groundwork for product integrity while promoting local control over retail.

“It generates as much revenue for South Dakota as possible. It eliminates the black market as much as possible. It provides the local control that I’ve talked about. And its written by South Dakotans for South Dakotans,” said Rep. Derby.

Speaking against the bill was Governor Noem’s senior policy adviser, Maggie Seidel. She not only expressed opposition to developing a framework, but spoke out against recreational marijuana itself.

“What is clear that in individual cases marijuana can cause psychosis, and psychosis is a high-risk factor violence. What’s more…much of that violence occurs when psychotic people are using drugs. As long as people with schizophrenia are avoiding recreational drug use, they are modestly more likely to become violent than healthy people. But when they use drugs the risk of violence skyrockets, and the drug they are most likely to use is cannabis,” Seidel said.

In the end, the State Affairs Committee pushed the bill to day 41 of the 40 day legislative session – in effect killing any action on recreational marijuana this session.

Derby admitted afterward he and other bill proponents were facing an uphill battle.

“I’m disappointed today, but we brought the discussion to the House. And they’ll be a lot of work done after the session,” Derby added.

On the medical marijuana side, a House bill to delay implementation by six months was approved by the Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee – but with an amendment.

It would protect patients who use marijuana for their well-being from prosecution, if they were to be cited for possession.

PIERRE, S.D. — The South Dakota House State Affairs Committee has delayed Senate Bill 187 to the 41st day, effectively killing the bill to license businesses for the sale, possession, and use of marijuana for adult recreational purposes.

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