SD House bill lowers GPA requirement for Freedom Scholarship

PIERRE, S.D. — The state House has sent the governor a bill that lowers the grade point average requirement for the Freedom Scholarship, which is the only state-sponsored, needs-based scholarship in South Dakota.

College Student The bill now lowers the GPA requirement from 2.5 to 2.0. It also clarifies language about enrollment in the scholarship program and requirements for the scholarship board.

Republican state Rep. Will Mortenson carried the bill onto the House floor and believes that lowering the requirement encourages students to not drop out should they have a bad semester.

“The key for the state- the most important thing for the kid, is finishing this up and getting the degree,” said Rep. Mortenson. “So we pegged it to maintaining a sufficient grade point average so they can get that degree and not a loan”

Supporters say lowering the GPA requirement also protects students-in-need from taking on more debt. Opponents argued that lowering the GPA standard promotes mediocrity and believe a higher requirement for the scholarship would push students to work harder.

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