SD Highway Patrol looks to recruit more women

A new effort by the South Dakota Highway Patrol hopes to encourage a more female presence in its ranks.

Women’s recruiting seminars will be held throughout South Dakota for interested women eager to learn more about joining the Highway Patrol. This is the first time Highway Patrol has tried this recruiting technique. The state currently only has seven active female troopers.  

Highway Patrol is having a hard time getting people to show up to the seminars. State Trooper Chanda Derby, a female State Trooper is working on the recruitment process. "I never thought I’d be standing here today doing this for 12 years. It’s been very challenging. It’s a rewarding career, and if you are looking for a career that matches up with a salary of a man’s, this is a career that matches up with a man’s salary."

The next two seminars will be held in Sioux Falls and Pierre.