SD Heroes WOD honors fallen first responders, members of military

Black Hills State University's ROTC cadets hosted a workout Saturday morning to honor fallen soldiers and first responders

SPEARFISH, S.D. — Saturday morning, members of Black Hills State University’s ROTC program hosted a workout, dubbed the South Dakota Heroes WOD – or workout of the day – in honor of first responders and fallen soldiers.

Two workouts were available for participants, the “Andy” workout and “Davey” partner workout.

The price for registering was $20, which included a t-shirt, with the rest of the proceedings going to the Veterans Club and Spearfish ROTC’s club funds.

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Instructors of the ROTC program say that while the program was mainly put together for one class, but it wasn’t just the students that helped out.

“It’s my military science, my sophomores and my freshman organized a lot of it, but all of the Black Hills State University ROTC cadets are here today supporting the event,” said Laura Arnold, ROTC Assistant Professor of Military Science at Black Hills State University.

Each workout for the respective solider that it represented was specially designed to memorialize them in some way. Another way to add more meaning to thank them for their service and make the event more special.

“Whether it be their birthday, the number of tours they served overseas, however many years of service they had, stuff like that, however many children they had, everything gets incorporated and gets memorialized for them,” said Jordan Burge, Black Hills State University ROTC member.

Key supporters of the event included the South Dakota National Guard and local first responders.

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