9:30 AM Forecast update: Whiteout conditions perpetuate I-90 closure

Varying degrees of winter weather are keeping some roads closed, and others seeing steady improvements

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9:30 UPDATE: 

  • Warnings and advisories continue across the Black Hills Region, however, our winter storm is beginning to exit the region.

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  • By Wednesday afternoon, we expect precipitation to start waning across the Black Hills.
  • Areas of the northern Black Hills could still see stubborn snow bands hang on deep into the afternoon.
  • Winds, regardless of precipitation leaving, will continue out of the west/northwest. (Areas of the plains will see higher wind gusts)
  • Areas that have received heavy snow could now be facing blowing snow and low visibility as winds sustain through the afternoon hours.
  • This could lead to extended closure of I-90, even if snow and rain has exited the region.

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  • Overnight tonight, temperatures will plummet into the 20s and low 30s – which could freeze roads and make travel difficult.
  • Be sure to check road conditions before you head out the door.


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Courtesy of SDDOT: I-90 just East of Sturgis – 9:33 AM

  • There is no word yet on a timeline to re-open I-90 – and this is due to whiteout conditions that continue from Tilford through portions of the Northern Black Hills even at this hour.
  • POWER OUTAGES could still be a factor well after snow and rain has exited the region due to our high winds and heavy foliage on trees.

courtesy of SDDOT

  • Advisories for NO TRAVEL continue for 385 North of Hill City, highway 34 East of Sturgis and large portions of Lawrence and Butte County.

As information becomes available, we will update our platforms with the latest. Be safe out there.


RAPID CITY, S.D. — Heavy snow has caused the shutdown of South Dakota’s major transportation route through the Black Hills.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation has announced the closure of both eastbound and westbound lanes of Interstate 90 from the Wyoming state line to South Dakota Junction 445/Deadwood Avenue-Rapid City Exit 55.

The closure goes into effect at 10:00 p.m. Tuesday, and will be enforced until further notice.

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