SD Department of Social Services continues to help those in need amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

RAPID  CITY, S.D. — It’s business as usual at the states Department of Social Services, it has a number of resources and programs to help families during the pandemic.

D.S.S. staff is working remotely but is still providing essential services such as processing applications and helping families in need acquire benefits.

Also, Social Services is receiving 2 million dollars from the federal government. The money is earmarked for South Dakotan’s dealing with mental health issues and substance use disorders due to the pandemic.

“People are going to have emotions that are running high.” Said DSS Secretary Laurie Gill. “People are feeling overwhelmed and their are resources to help everybody, the Department of Social Services works with treatment providers across the state. We have folks who are standing by either telephonically or through video visit.”

A link to the DSS website is located below:


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