SD Chief Justice gives State of the Judiciary address Wednesday

PIERRE, S.D. — South Dakota’s Chief Justice delivered his State of the Judiciary address to the state legislature Wednesday.

Chief Justice Steven Jensen spent much of his speech discussing the training and efficacy of judges in the state.

With an aging population in the profession, younger judges are appointed to take their place. But many of them don’t have the training or experience of a seasoned judge when it comes to case law.

The Chief Justice says the court plans to create training videos with older judges to pass on that knowledge.

“Few if any lawyers spend the amount of time in the court and hear the breadth of cases that are heard by a trial judge so for newer judges it is essential to bridge subject matter gaps in their professional experience to ensure proficiency in all areas of the court’s jurisdiction,” Jensen said.

In addition to the training videos, Jensen spoke about more training in sexual assault and harassment cases, bias and sensitivity training and increased mental health support for members of the judicial system.

Jensen is also requesting $5 million from lawmakers to help bolster courtroom security.

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