School of Mines holds open house for potential students

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The South Dakota School of Mines is among the first universities in South Dakota and the Midwest to host an open house for potential students.

To ensure the safety of students and families, only 46 slots were available for students, and much of the tour was held outdoors. Students were able to take a tour of the campus, and visit with different departments to get a glimpse of campus life, as well as speak with current students and faculty members.

While planning is still underway, there are a few changes current and potential students can look forward to this school year. Around 25 percent of classes will be held online, such as introductory classes, which often have many students, making safe accommodations difficult. The other 75 percent will have some face-to-face component.

The university prides itself on it’s hands-on approach to learning and will continue to hold labs in person. Masks will also be required for students and faculty based on the Board of Regents mask policy.

According to the policy, the school will begin the year at Level 3, which requires face coverings in all public indoor spaces on campus. Molly Moore, the Associate Provost and Director of Admissions said,

“It’s been added to our Student Code of Conduct and so it is enforceable. It’s a policy that we adjusted for, and so it is a part of that code of conduct. So, students are required to abide by those rules.”

The president, provost, and dean of students have also planned to host several town hall options in the coming weeks via zoom to inform students and parents of plans for the upcoming year and allow for questions. Students who visited over the weekend were pleased with the tour and the measures put in place for their safety.

Josh Kasten, a Nebraska sophomore is already looking at potential universities, and said,

“It just seems like a really good place to come. It’s beautiful around here, and they have good job placement and academics here.”

“I thought today was really great, it’s better than most of the things I’ve seen at home and their ideas of safety,” said Natasha Pieterse, a junior from Colorado. “So it was very good to see that they have things in place, and they have an idea of how they’ll move forward to make sure people still get an adequate and safe education. I’ve just become more secure in my feeling of how good this school is and that if I go here, hopefully, that it will just be a safe school for me that’s gonna further my education in a way that prepares me not just for graduation, but for a career afterwards.”

To keep students and parents informed, The School of Mines has and will continue to provide weekly email updates.

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