School of Mines focuses on student health & wellness

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology hosted its annual Health and Wellness Fair Thursday for the campus and the entire community.

A few of the activities in which students could participate include health and heart screenings, as well as yoga and fencing.

There were also some new features this year’s fair.

“So a couple new additions this year we are doing HIV testing through Volunteers of America here today, and that’s a new one,” said Mike Vander Heyden, Physical Education Coordinator at the School of Mines. “And then the really exciting one is our therapy animals and our puppies from the Animal Psychology Center here in Rapid City […] those are our two big new additions that we’re looking forward to having this year.”

Wanting to help students of all abilities and those who may be struggling emotionally, the School of Mines also presented options for students in need of support pets.

“Well, laws differ from state to state. So South Dakota only allows dogs [and] miniature horses to be therapy and service animals,” said Katherine Andrews of the Animal Psychology Center. “Now cats can also be emotional support animals, so for emotional support you can have a cat, a dog, or a miniature horse. So that’s South Dakota, the laws in other states are different.”

The School of Mines has a student clinic and looks to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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