Santa visits children at Regional Hospital

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The spirit of Christmas radiated throughout the pediatric unit at Regional Health Rapid City Hospital Thursday morning. Eight children were greeted by the man, the myth, the one-and-only Santa Claus.

Some were nervous. Some were excited and for some, this was their very first time meeting Santa.

He spent time with children in the Pediatric Unit and the Advanced Care Pediatrics Unit. He listened to their Christmas wishes and even granted a few on the spot.

“This is very special. These kids are so sweet, so small and in some cases, so sick. It’s just heartwarming to be able to do something for them,” said Santa Claus.

Kids of all ages were given gifts appropriate for their stage of life. With the help of the Children’s Miracle Network, Santa was able to give out Legos, dolls, and plush toys.

The children ranged from newborns to grade schoolers and each is battling illness or injury.

“The kids just love having Santa come to visit. They have been talking about it all week long, and they’ve been so anxious to meet him,” said Pediatric Nurse Amanda Horsely.

When children are in the hospital during the holidays, many worry that Santa will forget about them. Mr. Claus wanted to show them how special they are and that he would never forget them.

As one nurse said, with happiness comes healing, and it’s clear that a little bit of healing happened at the hospital.

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