Santa spills the beans

Saint Nicholas -St. Nick-Kris Kringle-Father Christmas or simply Santa … whatever you call him- he is bringing lots of joys to girls and boys on Christmas. Mr. & Mrs. Claus talk about the Christmas season.

Here are some answers to some popular questions for St. Nick.

Santa Claus

What is your favorite cookie?

“My favorite cookie would be a sugar cookie, a plain old, regular sugar cookie.”

Did you have to teach the reindeer how to fly?

“They pretty much take off on their own. A little bit a training at the pole, pretty much just their own navigation, they just know their job and they do it.”

What if someone does’t have a chimney?

“I have these Santa’s magic keys that will open any household if they don’t have a fireplace.”

Santa's Belt

Santa’s Belt

Santa's Belt

What are popular items that children ask for at Christmas?

“You know sometimes its real simple, a stuffed animal to something much more complicated- a lot of times we have to research to find out what they are. The elves do a good job keeping up with that technology and stuff – they have some foresight and know how on what’s coming up and they will get ‘er made.”

Santa’s advice to all girls and boys.

“Just be good throughout the year, listen to your mom and dads and everything will be fine. Do the right thing in the world and the gifts will be given to you. They know if they have been on the nice list or naughty list.”

Santa's hands

Santa’s hands

Santa's hands

What’s your favorite part about being Mr. and Mrs. Claus?

“The smiles on their faces just fill our cups – they last the whole year those smiles.”

And lastly… “Ho-ho-ho Merry Christmas!”

Mr. & Mrs. Claus

Mr. & Mrs. Claus

Mr. & Mrs. Claus

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