Sanitary sewer system overflows reported around Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Areas of localized flooding and ground saturation are creating reports of sanitary sewer system overflows in some areas of Rapid City.

The overflows can result in the lids being lifted off manholes, creating the appearance of water bubbling up over flooded water like a fountain or a geyser and creating a safety issue. City officials advise the public not to drive over or through these areas and not to recreate in the water areas.

Flooding along South Valley Drive

“Motorists need to be watchful for water boiling up out of the street. Avoid driving over an area where water is bubbling up or has a geyser or fountain-like appearance. Avoid driving through flooded areas, period,” said Dave Van Cleave, superintendent of the City’s Water Reclamation Division.

Van Cleave says the overflows occur with an over abundance of water infiltrating the sanitary sewer system. The area is currently experiencing continuous moderate to heavy precipitation, ground saturation and increased inflows of urban runoff, resulting in some areas where the manhole lids have lifted off. Driving over the open manhole should be avoided out of safety concerns, according to Van Cleave.

Officials also remind the public if they use a sump pump to clear their basements or crawl spaces of excess ground water, not to pump the discharge into the home’s sanitary sewer system. Sump pump discharge should be directed to the grass or to the curb and storm water drainage system.

Anyone encountering a manhole sewer issue should contact the City’s Water Reclamation Division at 394-4174, the City’s Utility Maintenance Division at 394-4163 or after-hours call 394-4160.

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