Salt therapy gaining popularity

Salt therapy has been popular in Europe for decades and is just starting to gain popularity in the US, because of its health benefits.

A place to unplug, unwind and relax.

The Black Hills Salt Cave and Spa is built around a man-made salt cave made from 3 tons of  Himalayan rock salt. Owner, April Johnson, says, breathing in salty air, is equivalent to spending 3 days at the beach. It’s called Halotherapy.

Johnson says, “Just clears all the gunk out, so the flu, asthma – allergies all the stuff that is going around right now.”

The salt has healing properties – it’s a holistic therapy that claims to help among many ailments, like anxiety and sleep issues, but also supports the lymphatic system and helps with respiratory issues. The Himalayan salt enriched microclimate releases negative ions, boosting balance to your health in a natural way – strengthening the immune system.

“Helogenerator blows the salt into the air and so pharmaceutical grade salt is crushed up into tiny enough particles that it can go deep into the lungs and it binds with the mucus and the water in there and pulls the mucus out of your lungs,  so as your lungs get open, after multiple sessions, you will notice that you are breathing easier and freer,” says Johnson.

April says results can vary, some reaping benefits after just one (45 minute) session, some may get no results- others come in 2-3 times a week for salt therapy and monitor progress from there.

The origins of salt therapy goes back many years ago.

Johnson says, “There were miners in the salt mines that they realized were very healthy, and miners are usually not healthy because you know their lungs are usually full of stuff  and they have to work underground and so usually they have all kinds of health issues. All the salt miners were actually were very healthy so that is actually how they discovered it all.”

It’s safe for kids too, who may benefit with a boost to their immune system. Mondays are free for kids with paid adult.

The spa also offers spa services like massage and facials and has a sauna.

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