Safeway celebrates grand re-opening with charity giveaway

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Safeway stores in Rapid City have been undergoing renovations and they celebrated Wednesday with a charity giveaway.

During a grand re-opening ceremony at the store on Mountain View Road, twenty thousand dollars was awarded to Black Hills Habitat for Humanity along with ten thousand dollars to Feeding South Dakota

Tom Ryland the Safeway Store director said, “You know we’re very much part of the community, we want to give back to the community. We believe in what they re doing, providing homes for folks who need it. We just totally believe in that as a company and happy to be partners with them.”

Habitat for Humanity will be using its money to help local veterans. Krystal Hammer with Habitat for Humanity saying, “The goal of these funds is to help with veteran homes. So we re really going to use it to focus on veteran building, home repair, in order to help veterans stay in the homes that they’re in, or to help them get a home that is affordable to them”

Also, with more space at the store, two-thousand items have been added to the Safeway inventory.

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