Safe Families for Children will host a learning opportunity

Safe Families will host an hour long informational session for people to learn more about how Safe Families is playing a critical role in Rapid City and how to get involved.

Safe Families for Children is an organization that provides a temporary placement for children whose family is going through crisis. Placement with Safe Families creates an extended family–like support for those families through a community of devoted volunteers.

Safe Families logo, Courtesy Facebook

Safe Families logo, Courtesy Facebook

Currently Safe Families in Rapid City has 11 host families and are always in need of more volunteers to get on board.

Shelby Kruckenberg, Safe Families Coordinator, says, “The kids in our community are our future. And so it’s really important for us to give them a good foundation and support and keep them with their families and so if we can do that, I think the next generation will become stronger and better and anyone can do that and make that difference.”

This Saturday, January 15th from 10-11 am at Evergreen Media (329 Main Street), there will be an opportunity to learn more about the organization and how to help. No commitment necessary.
Light refreshments provided. Children are welcome.

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